Canada Immigration through Express Entry Program

Canada has been since time immemorial the top list for people who are wishing to migrate to Canada. The second largest country and a nation with rich ethnicity and cultural diversity. The nation is looking for international skilled migrants who can serves as the foundation for the continued economic growth, that brings people, culture, traditions, customs and rituals at the forefront of the government policy.

canada immigration

Canada has a relaxing immigration policy as it aims to attracts only the skilled migrants to contribute to the economic development of the country. In the beginning of the year 2015, the government of Canada had unveiled of welcoming migrants into the country between 260,000 and 285,000 through Express Entry Canada.

Canada is in shortage of skilled migrants and so keeping the strong demand for skilled professionals, Canadian government decided to introduce a swift visa system called ” Express Entry Canada“. In order to bridge the skills shortage in the country a system is designated by the government of Canada which was officially launched in 2015 to welcome job seekers on the basis of their skill and are to get fast track Canadian Immigration.

Canada Immigration need just two steps:

1. Create Express Entry Profile: Qualified candidates need to create Express Entry Profile online by providing details like age, skill, educational qualification and work experience and other factors necessary in Canada.

2. Get Invitation letter to Apply for Permanent Resident: If your profile meet the requirement of the eligibility criteria you will receive an invitation to Apply for Permanent Resident in Canada. After having received the invitation the candidate will have 60 days in hand to submit their complete application from which point the government of Canada will process the application within six months or even less.

In order to fulfill your dream of Canada Immigration, get in contact with Immigration Overseas to file your visa application. We have MARA certified well qualified and experienced Immigration expert who will guide and assist you throughout the entire process.


Immigration Consultants Provide PR Visa Services

In the modern world due to the technological advancement and development, human beings are also trying to pace up with their life to adjust and balance with the surrounding happening. The human is on a constant search for new life, seek for new opportunity. Geographic boundaries that have existed, have now become boundary less and has no bound to enter in a new land and places. Humans are constantly in search of new future and life.


People often find ways to change the monotony of their life into something new and different may be relocated to some developers for a bright career and job. A large number of people decide to relocate to new countries for various motives and purposes, that has necessitated to set up Immigration Consultancy. This is the reason, Immigration Overseas a reputed Immigration consultant was established in New Delhi, India, to assist every possible way for a successful migration of people looking for information with visa and migration issues.

Immigration Overseas in Delhi, provides a wide array of services. Our motive to offer quality and timely visa services to numerous people seeking for a new destination to settle down has made us most sought after Immigration Consultants in New Delhi. At Immigration Overseas we have a team of experts who attend to the immigration needs and requirements of every client. This expert team offers visa guidance in every possible manner at any time. Our wide range of visa services is categorized as per the clients needs and requirements such as:

  • Permanent Residency Visa

  • Student visa,

  • Business Visa

  • Visitors visa

  • Work Visa

  • Working holiday visa

  • Family Visa

Clients play a significant role in the running of our organization. They are our biggest resource. The accomplishment of our association to a great extent relies on upon the satisfaction of our clients. However complicated may be clients visa cases, we leave no stone upturned and always offer an appropriate solution for it. Immigration Overseas was set up on the intention to offer advises and services to the people pertaining to the immigration. Our expert team is available 24*7 to assist and guide you throughout the process.

Immigration Overseas

Immigration overseas is full service immigration law firm with its headquarters in New Delhi certified under MARA, ICCRC, MIA and BCI is engaged in offering online visa services to clients’. We are a very dynamic law firm principally committed towards offering quality migration services to the clients’. Immigration overseas being a law firm takes great pride in providing innovative and often high-quality migration services building a multidisciplinary service horizon at every step. We work differently towards offering legal migration solutions to our clients’ that extend real answers and often clear migration vision to our clients’ at every level of the service procedure.

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