Citizenship Application Canada

Eligibility criteria for applying Citizenship application Canada

Canada Immigration is at the top list among many other nations. Because of its abundance of opportunities and many other benefits its favor. The immigrants all over the world choose Canada for immigration. People from developing country seek to migrate to developed country where it provides life in abundance such as quality education, good and free health care, high paid salary and world class lifestyle. Immigration Overseas provides the gateway for such aspiring candidate to cherish the dream of being in their desired destination by citizenship application Canada. Our organization provides various visa services. The candidate who is already in Canada can apply for the Citizenship application Canada. He /she must meet certain eligibility criteria while completing the application.

The eligibility criteria for citizenship application Canada:

  • Should be over 18 years of age

  • should be proficient in languages either English/ Hindi

  • Be a permanent resident

  • A candidate who has lived in Canada as a PR for at least for 3 years out of 4 years right before he/she applies

  • He/ she should apply from within Canada

According to the rules and regulation introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the incomplete citizenship application Canada will be rejected if he/she does not provide a valid proof and does not know either of the Canadian official languages. On the other hand ,you cannot become a Canadian citizen if you have recently been or are in prison, or probation or have been charged or convicted of an indictable crime. You cannot apply even if you are under deportation order.

Immigration Overseas is a reputed registered law firm situated in New Delhi, India,expertise in offering online visa services to its clients. Organization delicately solve the clients visa services and migration services totally ensuring a hassle free migration solution.


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